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Portsmouth, NH – Montreal, basically.

When I took the four days off from work, booked the hotel room, and bought a new dress for our trip to Montreal, it didn’t occur to me that I should have probably checked the expiration date of my passport.

Needless to say, I need to renew it.

So, with all the free time I had, my beloved and I decided to drive an hour north from Boston to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to check out a few breweries. For no reason whatsoever we’d never made the trip before, considering the drive is really not bad (the tolls are a little annoying), and it’s dotted with breweries. My personal favorite? Earth Eagle.

IMG_1835I’d heard all about this place before, and recently conducted a phone interview with Alex McDonald, co-owner and brewer for an article I wrote for Yankee Brew News. I’m not great with guessing square footage, but this place is small. There’s seating for about 6 around the bar and maybe 15 in the taproom. And although it’s small it’s got a brilliant layout and is decorated with bright paint colors and knick-knacks hanging everywhere; sort of Appalachia-meets-New Orleans-urban-hip…if that makes any sense.


Earth Eagle specializes in gruits, which is a beer that’s brewed without using hops. Earth Eagle’s brewers throw some pretty weird stuff in their beers: chaga, wormwood, heather, yarrow, irish moss, lavendar, and catnip?!

IMG_1838The Antointette w/ pears was my personal favorite, although our bartender informed us that the six taps regularly rotate with new stuff. About monthly it’s an entirely new tap list. The two-bbl brewery doesn’t have any accounts and doesn’t bottle or can. Growlers only from the bar. Worth the trip? In my opinion, absolutely. Open daily 12 – 9.


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